Facial Ageing

Facial ageing is a dynamic process, influenced by a variety of environmental and genetic factors.

We have long been lectured that sun, smoking, and diet are key exogenous influencing factors on skin integrity, and impact dramatically on facial aging, but it’s important to understand that there are other causative and contributing factors that go beyond the superficial layer of our skin.

Aside from environmental assaults, the 4 major forces responsible for facial aging are;

(1) gravity, and associated ligament laxity

(2) soft tissue maturation and fat atrophy

(3) loss of bony architecture (bone resorption/skeletal remodelling), and

(4) repetitive muscle activity. 

When consulting my patients, I like to divide the face into thirds. Upper (forehead and brows), middle (eyes and nose) and lower (chin, jawline and neck).

In my practice, the majority of my patients are concerned with their lower face aging, affecting that of the lips, chin and jawline. Deep nose-to-mouth lines, prominent jowls, downturned corners of the mouth and lack of jawline definition are primary areas of concern. These changes may result in the lower third appearing smaller, “weaker” and less defined relative to the upper and middle thirds.

Often, we can achieve strength and definition in this area through the use of “combination therapy” This consists of anti-wrinkle injections, HA filler, Radiofrequency Lasers, and Thread Lift to relax opposing muscle action, volumise, tighten and lift, giving a more youthful, rejuvenated appearance to the lower face.

Sound complex or intimidating? Well it doesn't have to be!

I tailor my consultations to each patient, and take great care in addressing each individual concern. Through education and explanation, we can work towards a treatment plan that works within your emotional and financial comfort zone. It would be my pleasure to start the journey of finding a brighter, more youthful YOU!

Paige Hasaballah