New non-invasive treatment of the dreaded double chin

Released in Australia in March this year, this new injectable treatment for submental fat (aka double chin) is revolutionising my clinic practice. The deoxycolic acid injection the first of its kind, and is helping to achieve a slimmer, more defined profile in my male and female patients.

It works by targeting fat cells in the submental area that can often be resistant to diet and exercise (despite our best efforts). It is precisely injected into the target area and acts similarly to our naturally occurring bile acids like a “detergent”, by destroying the cell membrane of the adipose cell. From here, our immune response is triggered and the waste products are metabolised and excreted through normal pathways. A series of 2 – 4 injections are recommended, 6 weeks apart.

At the time of injecting, a significant amount of swelling can be expected. This is the desired response, as the more we experience swelling, the greater response of destruction to those nasty fat cells. Over the course of 7 to 10 days, the swelling will settle, and with each subsequent treatment, the severity of swelling is seen to lessen.

The treatment has been available in the US for nearly 4 years, and the response has been extremely positive. In addition to fat cell reduction, practitioners are also praising it for its ability to help tighten skin laxity in the area of injection.

A very exciting treatment indeed, and one that I am very excited to have in my Aesthetic toolkit!



Paige Hasaballah