Orchids - The Beauty Bloom

Coined “the essence of longevity” by French beauty house Guerlain, the orchid is coveted not only for it’s ornamental beauty, but also for its anti-aging capacities. For over 10 years, scientists at Guerlain have been studying how several species of Orchid can potentially slow down cellular degeneration in human skin. It has been acclaimed for its anti-inflammatory, protective, moisturising properties, and is also thought to stimulate collagen production. It was Guerlain’s Cosmetic Chemists that discovered molecules contained within the gold orchid were capable of boosting energy production, through stimulation of cell respiration. Ultimately, cell respiration incites consumption of glucose and oxygen to produce vital cell energy for effective cell regeneration. When applied to human skin cells, the super-power of the orchid extract can be seen to fight free radicals, ensuring skin cell longevity, thus aiding in reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. I now adore the orchid even more!

Paige Hasaballah