Q&A with Doctor Edwina on Skin Care

What is your skin care routine like?

As life is busy, I am always mindful of having a skincare routine that is time efficient, and cost-effective. I use both Ultraceuticals and DMK. The reason for this, is they are both paramedical ranges, that allow effective penetration of active ingredients to the deeper layers of our skin. I use a Skin Brightening Cleanser and Moisturiser from Ultraceuticals, and a gentle micorexfoliant once a week. I also use a nourishing B vitamin serum morning and night, as I have the tendency for dry skin. In addition to topical application of nourishing creams, I firmly believe in need for systemic absorption of vitamins. DMK’s Essential Fatty Acid tablets have helped restore my skin health, and decrease inflammation, and NurtraColl Beauty collagen tablets have helped my hair, skin and nail integrity beyond belief! 

Any go-to’s you live by in your beauty routine?

Vitamins A,B and C are, in my opinions, essential in every beauty regimen. Vitamin A helps combat signs of aging, but minimising fine lines, softening pigmentation, and clearing the build up of hard, keratinised skin. Vitamin B is nourishing and hydrating, and of course, Vitamin C has antioxidant qualities. These creams and serums can easily be introduced and maintained in anyone’s skin care routine, even the busy Mum!

What has changed in your beauty routine since becoming a mother?

Since having my son, I have found my skin is a little bit more reactive than it used to be. My internal system is still regulating with the surge and withdrawal of important hormones, and so I am conscious of ensuring it stays hydrated, and healthy. I have found the EFAs have helped settle any inflammation. I am also very conscious about my SPF application, as hormonal pigmentation can be exacerbated by UV exposure. 


Products you swear by?

I absolutely swear by La Roche Posay’s BB cream. It is a tinted 50+ barrier cream, that I use as a substitute for foundation. I never leave the house without SPF protection. This cream is light weight and beautiful on the face. 

Paige Hasaballah