When I think of art
I think of beauty. Beauty is the
mystery of life.

- Agnes Martin


My Mission,
Our Journey


Imagine revealing your best self. Finding a new confidence, a powerful sense of pride that radiates from within. This is what I will help you find, and draw out to create an enhanced version of you.

You. That is the key. It is not about fundamental change, or radical transformation, but rather enhancing to reflect a more confident, more naturally rejuvenated you.

When I entered the cosmetic medicine field, I was inspired to help redefine the industry and dispel the many myths that surround it. With leading edge training, world-class technology and high quality products, you can always be assured of safely delivered, with a goal for long-lasting and natural looking results.

These results will always come from a clear understanding of your needs and desires. I build a strong rapport with my patients, and together we navigate the process of discovering and creating the natural results that you desire.  I'll take the time to get to know you; to visualise and understand the journey you are on. Together we will build mutual trust and confidence. We will create a relationship that evolves with your aspirations



I understand that each and every face is unique and therefore every treatment option is specific to that person. The options are endless and together we will customise your cosmetic experience to suit you.



Volume Loss

Sagging Skin

Total Face Beautification


Treatment of “Double Chin”

Female Genital rejuvenation



Anti-wrinkle injectables

Bioresorbable, collagen-stimulating fillers

Silhouette Soft Threads Lift
Profound Radio-Frequency Laser

8-Point Lift using Fillers
Combination of all treatment modalities

Non-invasive treatment of submental fat compartment

Mona Lisa Touch, a non-invasive CO2 laser
Bioresorbable Collagen Stimulator

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Your Journey

Your cosmetic journey is one that is supposed to feel physically and emotionally positive, fulfilling and restorative. The steps below are here to help you envisage how your journey with me might look.


Get in touch with me and we can discuss your areas of concern. The initial consultation is a relaxed 45-minute conversation to explore your treatment opportunities. Within this consultation, there will be ample time to proceed with a treatment should you decide.


Start your treatment journey and plan for the future. Together we will formulate a comprehensive therapeutic plan to continue your cosmetic experience.


As your journey continues, I will continue to explore the science behind each product and carefully explain ongoing regenerative effects the different products can provide. Rest assured, this journey will not just be skin deep.


It doesn’t end after the first visit. I am passionate about the relationships I forge, and the ongoing satisfaction of my patients. I will be there with you each step of the way, ensuring a graceful and natural progression of age.


Experience & Credentials

I am a Member of the Australian College of Aesthetic Medicine.

Under the mentorship of many national and international specialists, I have trained in the latest techniques, and now share my expertise as an accredited trainer for Silhouette Soft Thread Lift and UK training company Derma Medical.

I completed my Bachelor of Science at UQ and Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery at Bond University, followed by three years training in obstetrics and gynaecology. I’m currently completing a Diploma in Dermatology as I expand my practise in cosmetic medicine.

As a medical practitioner, I am passionate about women’s health. Driven by my work in the obstetrics and gynaecology field, studies in women’s health, and my current cosmetic practise, I create a positive, open space in which we can take a holistic view of your health and wellbeing.


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